C314 INVESTMENT KITAS is a limited stay permit or temporary residence with the maximum stay for 2 years along with multiple entry permit.

Group of Investor in Bali with Investor KITAS!

Who Can obtain a c314 Investment Kitas?

To obtain the C314 Investment KITAS for Indonesia, you need to have a PT PMA (foreign investment company) with a minimum of 10% shares or Rp (one billion rupiahs).

With the C314 Investment KITAS, you can work within your company without the need for an IMTA (working permit) or RPTKA, as long as you hold the position of a director.

This privilege is granted under the Regulation of the Minister of Manpower (Permenaker) No. 10/2018, specifically in Article 10, Article 22, and Article 26-point C. As a director, you have the freedom to carry out work activities within the scope of your role.

If you are listed as a commissioner in the company, you are not permitted to work directly. However, you can still take advantage of the INVESTMENT KITAS facility to reside and conduct business activities in Indonesia.

What document we require?

For obtain an INVESTMENT KITAS, we will require these documents:

  1.  Copy or Scan passport Your passport validity should be a minimum of 30 months when applying for this KITAS
  2. Covid-19 vaccine certificate if you are vaccinated.
  3. Photo of yourself can be any background
  4. Your address in Indonesia
  5. Deed of Establishment from Notary
  7. NPWP
  8. Virtual office address
  9. NIB and Business License registration from OSS
  10. Profile Perseroan (company profile from AHU)

our price for C314 investment kitas

Our price for the Investment KITAS for 2 years is:

  • Rp 15.000.000


We offer an express process for the C314 Investment KITAS with an additional charge of Rp 2.000.000, allowing you to obtain your KITAS within just 5 business days. After your arrival in the Immigration office, the process will take an additional 5 business days.

It’s important to note that you can renew your KITAS every 2 years for Rp 13.500.000.

However, please keep in mind that the pricing may vary based on the prevailing immigration regulations at that particular time

Included in the price

For the C314 Investment KITAS application, our prices all includes:

  1. E-Visa fee
  2. Processing KITAS in the immigration office until completed
  3. Airport Pickup services for Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, Kuta, Seminyak, and Canggu. For the Ubud area, a charge will be applied. Please send us your flight details and address max. 2 days before your arrival date
  4. Opening a Personal Bank account in Mandiri or Permata Bank

Process for C314 Investment kitas


Company Register

We will register your company in immigration system, this process takes 2 business days


We Submit your e-kITAS

Once the PMA registered for Offshore, we will submit your E-KITAS straight away and get it back within 2 weeks maximum (the time processing might take longer if immigration has an error or maintenance system).

You can ask for an EXPRESS process for this step with an additional charge of Rp 2.000.000 for 5 business days of processing time. 



Once you have your E-KITAS, you have 90 days to enter Indonesia from the issue date of your E-KITAS. If you are not coming to Indonesia within 90 days you need to re-apply for E-KITAS.


After your arrival

Once you arrive in Indonesia, please contact us to report your KITAS by submitting your physical passport to the immigration office. This process will need your physical passport & you have only 30 days to report your KITAS and your arrival.

Please make sure you have dropped/delivered your passport to our office for this process 2 weeks before your 30 days expired or you will get overstayed (pick up is available. please request min. 2 days before)


After your arrival

After we received your passport, we will submit your passport and KITAS documents to Immigration (we will prepare all the documents), once we submitted, you will get the schedule for the biometrics registration within 7 business days (might take longer if the immigration office has a problem system) and we will notify you the schedule through WhatsApp. After you finish the biometrics registration, your passport & KITAS e-card will be ready in 5 business days.

Express will takes 5 business days in total process with additional charge of Rp 2.000.000 

We will notify you once your passport and KITAS are back in our office.

If you have a child, you can apply for a Dependent KITAS, the cost is Rp 11.000.000 per person with additional documents required: marriage certificate, passport photo, selfie photo, and birth certificate. A Dependent KITAS only can proceed once your KITAS is finished.

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